• 4G CAT4 LTE Router with PoE

4G CAT4 LTE Router with PoE

Model : AAP-4G-800

The AAP-4G-800 Series 4G LTE Outdoor Router employs LTE — the latest mobile broadband technology with high popularity — to deliver the best data rates possible at up to 150/50 Mbps(DL/UL). With bridge and router modes embedded, the AAP-4G-800 Series is adaptive to all kinds of devices/gateways for seamless integration with your CPE on-hand in a simple yet complete way to meet your needs.

Main Chip


Realtek RTL 8187FH


4G Module: Mini PCIE Cat4


3 dBi Omni 4G Antenna x2  (4G MIMO 2x2/4x2)

Physical Interface

LAN1: 1x 12vdc 10/100mbps Passive PoE In

LAN2: 1x 12vdc 10/100mbps Passive PoE Out

Standard SIM card Slot x1

Power Consumption

18 Watts (Maximum)

Power requirement:

Passive PoE (DC 12V 1.5A) input

Operation Temperature

-20°C ~ 70°C

Storage Temperature

-30°C ~ 80°C ambient temperature

Storage Humidity

0% ~ 90% (Typical)

3G/4G Frequency Band


4G LTE-FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28


3G WCDMA: B1/B2/B5/B8


4G LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A

4G LTE-TDD: B38/B40/B41



4G LTE-FDD: B2/B4/B5/B7/B28/B66

3G WCDMA: B2/B4/B5


4G LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B8/B18/B19/B26


3G WCDMA: B1/B6/B8/B19

3G/4G Data Rate

LTE FDD: Max 150Mbps (DL)/Max 50Mbps (UL)

LTE TDD: Max 130Mbps (DL)/Max 30Mbps (UL)

DC-HSDPA: Max 42Mbps (DL)

HSUPA: Max 5.76Mbps (UL)

WCDMA: Max 384Kbps (DL)/Max 384Kbps (UL)

EDGE: Max 296Kbps (DL)/Max 236.8Kbps (UL)

GPRS: Max 107Kbps (DL)/Max 85.6Kbps (UL)

3G/4G Output Power

Class 3 (24dBm+1/-3dB) for WCDMA bands

Class 3 (23dBm±2dB) for LTE-FDD bands

Class 3 (23dBm±2dB) for LTE-TDD bands

Class 4 (33dBm±2dB) for GSM850

Class 4 (33dBm±2dB) for EGSM900

Class 1 (30dBm±2dB) for DCS1800

Class 1 (30dBm±2dB) for PCS1900

Class E2 (27dBm±3dB) for GSM850 8-PSK

Class E2 (27dBm±3dB) for EGSM900 8-PSK

Class E2 (26dBm±3dB) for DCS1800 8-PSK

Class E2 (26dBm±3dB) for PCS1900 8-PSK

3G/4G Receive Sensitivity:

LTE B1: -101.5dBm (10M)

LTE B2: -101dBm (10M)

LTE B3: -101.5dBm (10M)

LTE B4: -101dBm (10M)

LTE B5: -101dBm (10M)

LTE B7: -99.5dBm (10M)

LTE B8: -101dBm (10M)

LTE B18: -100dBm (10M)

LTE B19: -100dBm (10M)

LTE B26: -102dBm (10M)

LTE B28: -102dBm (10M)

LTE B40: -100dBm (10M)

LTE B41: -100dBm (10M)

LTE B66: -98dBm (10M)

WCDMA B1: -110dBm

WCDMA B2: -110dBm

WCDMA B4: -110dBm

WCDMA B5: -110.5dBm

WCDMA B8: -110.5dBm

WCDMA B19: -110.5dBm

GSM850: -109dBm

EGSM900: -109dBm

DCS1800: -109dBm

PCS1900: -109dBm

Main Features

․Passive PoE 4G Hub

․Support 4G LTE Cat4

․Built in 4G LTE modem

․Built-in Standard Sim Slot

․Support Passive PoE 12Vdc input

․1X 10/100 Passive 12Vdc PoE input

․1X 10/100 Passive 12vdc PoE output

․With PoE Splitter for IP camera


․4G MIMO 2x2/4x2

․3dBi internal antennas


․Web Interface Management

․Remotely configuration/Upgrade by Web UI

․Support TR-69

․1 Reset button for load default ID/Password


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