Long range coastal surveillance system

Taiwan is surrounded by more than 1,200km of coastline, it is a serious burden for coast guard forces. As it requires intensive security outposts and patrolling manpower to ensure there is no security leak. Even with the assistance of wifi surveillance cameras along the coast nowadays, the distance and bandwidth still cannot fulfill the demand of both long range and real-time monitoring requirements not to mention by traditional wired systems.

APM believes the key to a high efficient coastal real-time security monitoring system is all about "range" and "bandwidth"and to install our WiTDM series bridges made them all possible.

Our WiTDM technology is to provide a stable x Mbps of bandwidth for data transmission from x Km away at the monitoring point and with TDMA technology to make the transmission of both high quality video and audio possible. Further to that our WiTDM also support BVR/NLOS and make the installation of monitoring point even more flexible and this is not what a traditional wifi can do.

When you are planning a wireless system, you can install multiple cameras in a remote monitoring point and connect them all to our WITDM bridge, with proper antenna and/or repeaters to send all the audio/video from all the monitoring points back to security outposts. This will not just enhance the density of monitoring points but also reduce the demand of patrolling resources.