Real-time combat vision and commanding system

Every mission instructed by the commander varies the result in the battlefield. And how to provide a fast and accurate intelligence to the commanding post is the major key to victory. It all started from pigeons and after a long time graduated to wired phone, telegram and then finally by radios. That was how the intelligence passed through the chain of command in the old days - verbally or texts. Today, real-time, both audio and video information is a must to modern warfare.

How to deliver real-time vision from the field? Satellite is certainly one of the very best solutions but it is limited to those super powered nations. We, at APM, developed a real-time video/audio transmission system, using WiTDM technology to fulfill applications required :

1. Long range

2. High bandwidth

3. Multi-point synchronized

4. Minor interference

And combined with our WiMESH wireless mesh network connection system to ensure those channel of data transmission free from interference. More importantly, this is a portable, high mobility and flexible in system expansion.

Combat units equipped APM series with cameras, no matter they are in vehicles or any unmanned carriers, they will web themselves to all those fixed or mobile vehicles equipped with  WiMESH on board to establish a high bandwidth mobile networking system in order to send all the real-time audio and video back to the commanding post.

This is a not just a traditional mobile audio/video networking system for combat purpose, this is not just for security personnel or patrolling system. This is a systematic tool used for the command, control, and coordination for the reaction to all the responses.