• 802.11g indoor Booster

802.11g indoor Booster

Model : AAM-2420bg-IDU

Designed for extending the range of 2.4GHz wireless radio devices, the booster amplifier is particularly effective when used with Direct Sequence or Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radio modems . The unit provides the transmit power gain as well as receive signal gain. Proprietary in-house MMIC design allows sensing of input power level and protects itself against over power or reverse power operating conditions.
Frequency Range  2.4GHz
P1dB  33dBm
Linear Pout  26dBm (@5.5%EVM) , 64QAM 
Tx Mode Turn on Power  > 2dBm 
Tx Gain 13~17dBm
Rx Gain  8~12dBm
Rx Noise Figure  3.0dB
VSWR, input/output  < 2 
DC supply  9~12V
Operating temperature  -40~+70 °C 
  • Strengthen radio signal to Increase the effective range and
  • coverage area for Wi-Fi communication
  • Save wiring costs, easily build a wireless infrastructure for home or business use
  • Make broadband wireless application in possible coverage
  • No software required, easy to install

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