• Booster for Celluar

Booster for Celluar

Model : AVC-30 Vehicle/AYG-30 Yacht

  • The Wireless recption Amplifier is ideally suited for providing and/or improving

cellular reception within cars, trucks and other motor vehicles.

  • User could attach sensing antenna to car kit holder or leather case surface, no need to connect

to the cellphone directly (just near by sensing antenna).

  • Moreover, we have brand-new and close design for these model. Once the installation is finished,

user could make an outgoing call to check if the installation is correct or not.

  • As long as the installation is correct, the power indicator will change color from red to blue.

Cell Phone System


Frequency Range

Uplink : 824~849MHZ
Downlink : 869~894MHZ




Uplink 28dB / Downlink 28dB (nom.)

Gain Variation


Noise Figure


RF Power Output

Uplink 2W / Downlink 1.0mW

Power Supply

12.6VDC Car Battery via Cigarette Jack or Tip Wire

Power Consumption


AGC Range


Size Dimensions

3.3 × 10.6 × 16.5 cm (H×W×D) ; 1.3 × 4.2 × 6.5 in

RF Connector

Outdoor ANT side : FME(M) , Indoor ANT side: TNC(F)


0.5kg (approx.)


Alloy aluminum


In the car trunk or under the seat


3m Cigar jack power cord or tip wire; RG58 coaxial cable


4 screw holes

  • Extend cellphone communication range when driving
  • Reduce radiation from cellphone, helpful for human health
  • Extend lifespan of cellphone battery
  • Built-in AGC, free of interference, no crash sound
  • Suitable for any cellphone whether stubby or hidden antenna
  • One time install, the sensing antenna attach to the phone holder or leather case surface

Why use a car amplifi­er?

  • Even with the growing number of cellular base stations servicing cell phone networks, cell phones used in automobiles and other motor vehicles still experience inconsistent and inadequate reception quality.
  • Problems with poor reception, dropped calls and lack of adequate signal strength while traveling in an automobile can be eliminated by installing a car amplifi­er.
  • Amplifi­er kits provide a simple and ideal solution to inadequate cellular phone reception.



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