• Thermal Image Camera

Thermal Image Camera

Model : AVP640G1-12M




Infrared Detector Pixels

640(H) x 480(V) pixels

Field of View

H: 48.8° V: 37.6°

Infrared Detector

Uncooled Focal Plane Array ( Micro Bolometer)

Infrared Spectral Range

8 14 µm

Resolution (NETD)

<= 0.04 (By 30 black body, Sigma)


±2 or ±2%

Measuring Range

-15 120

More High Temperature Range (Option)

Thermo Digital Data Resolution


Frame Rate

30 Frame/sec


Remote control focus

Motorize Lens

12mm / F1.0

Spatial Resolution (IFOV)


Working Distance

10cm ~

High Speed Digital Interface

Giga-bit Ethernet ( 100/1000BASE-T )

Power Supply

DC11V Battery ( AC adapter option )

Power Consumption


Operation Temperature

-10 60

Storage Temperature


Dimensions ( W x D x H )

Approx. 165mm X 75mm X 72mm

( with 12mm motorize lens )


Approx. 475g ( with 12mm motorize lens )

Data Processor

2GB DDR3L / Build in 32GB Internal Image memory /

HDMI(max. 1920×1080) / Mirco SD( up to 128GB) / Weight 210g / DC 5V


TAS / Infrared Thermal Image Analysis System

(Enterprise Edition)

Standard Configuration

1. Infrared Thermal Main Unit

2. Data Processor

3. Four Function Electronic Switch Remote Control

( Standard PWM interface 2CH )

4. Specific Battery + Case ( Include Cable )

5. Specific Battery Charger

6. Micro SD (64GB)

7. HDMI Cable

8. w/ Chinese User Manual

9. Hard Suitcase

10. Warranty : 1 Year

Software (Option)

1. IRM / Infrared Thermal Image Temperature

Monitoring System (Professional Edition)

2. PIB(T) Thermal image database management system

3. Lib (SDK)

thermo-cam-avp-series-02.jpg  Hill Side

thermo-cam-avp-series-03.jpg  Building Exterior Wall

thermo-cam-avp-series-04.jpg  Electric Equipment

thermo-cam-avp-series-05.jpg  Building Roof

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