• all-in-one product  for Hotspot and SMB (small & medium business) environment

all-in-one product for Hotspot and SMB (small & medium business) environment

Model : AQ500h

Product Overview
AQ-500h is an all-in-one product specially designed for Hotspot and SMB (small & medium business) environment. It integrates "access control" and "traffic control" into one system to fulfill the needs in Hotspot. AQ-500h incorporates "convenience", "efficiency", "friendly" and other useful characteristics for services. No matter to deploy it in a restaurant, airport VIP lounge or coffee shop, business service center, conference room environment, AQ-500h can immediately achieve compatibility with the current network configurations, making it the ideal choice .

Software Specifications

1. PPPoE, DHCP, Fixed IP mode support for WAN interface
2. DHCP, Fixed IP support for LAN clients
3. NAT and Transparent mode for all interfaces
4. Unrestricted number of clients (Full range of IPv4)
5. Fully configurable IP ranges: DHCP (Fixed by MAC or Dynamic), PPPoE
6. Dynamic DNS Support

Firewall Security
1. Packet filtering
2. Denial of service (DoS) protection
3. Virtual server management
4. TCP and UDP session control
5. Quality of service
6. Traffic control
7. Highly configurable connection based security policy
8. Real time alerting and logging of malicious attacks and scans
9. Web URL Filter
10. Web Content Filter
11. Application Filter (Bit Torrent, MSN Messenger, etc.)
12. Detailed log analysis via GUl

1. Authentication, Authorization, Accounting control
2. Supports up to 500 concurrent users
3. Supports up to 2500 local accounts
4. Supports 2000 on-demand accounts
5. Simultaneous support for multiple authentication methods
(Local and on-demand accounts, RADIUS)
6. Role-based and policy-based access control (per-role assignments
based on Firewall Policies, Routing, Login Schedule, Bandwidth, Quota, and Session time)
7. User Session Management:
(1) SSL protected login portal page
(2) Supports multiple logins with one single account
(3) Session idle timer
(4) Session/account expiration control
(5) Friendly notification email to provide a quick hyperlink to login portal page
(6) Windows domain single sign on
(7) Configurable login time frame

Accounting and Billing
1. Provides built-in billing profiles for on-demand accounts
2. Enable session expiration control for on-demand accounts by time and data volume
3. Provides billing report on screen for on-demand accounts
4. Detailed per-user traffic history based on time and data volume for both local and on-demand accounts
5. Provides traffic history report in an automatic email to administrator

1. Friendly Web Based GUI
2. Automatic Time Synchronization
3. Online firmware update
4. Remote logging
5. Searchable Logs
6. Customizable Logging System (Firewall, DoS, Login)

High Availability
1. Dual WAN auto failover
2. Dual WAN load balance

Application Diagram


Hardware Specifications
Ports (10/100Mbps RJ45)

WAN:2 ports , LAN:8 ports

Console Ports

1 port


8 MB


128 MB


110 – 220V AC Power


Power/Status, WAN1 , WAN2 , LAN1 – LAN 8

Dimension (mm)



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