• GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System

Model : UT-05

The super Guard UT-05 Vehicle Tracker is a Professional GPS tracking device Designed for fleet management and commercial data centers,with customizable data upload over GPRS or SMS,and access of such data online through Internet and mobile phone browsers




◎ Miniature GPS tracker with built in GSM and GPS antennas,easy and Quick to install saving costly installation time and fees.

◎ Special features design on UT05

  • AGPS, to have GPS fix much faster the traditional GPS technology.
  • Cell location, gets cell location even inside the building or park underground.
  • Driver ID, to identify who driving the car. (RFID optional)
  • Active SOS. Send SOS when G force abnormal
  • Wireless Engine Immobilizer (optional).
  • Receiving data over GPRS from RS232 port
  • Send command over GPRS to RS232 port
  • Roaming Alarm
  • GSM jammer detection
  • GOOGLE sms command allow you track the position via Android phone

◎ Data exchanga between device and server is maintained over constant GPRS and Internet connection.All commands and configuration details can be sent either through GPRS or SMS.

◎ Up to 3 authorized contact numbers can be configured to inquire vehicle location through2-RING phone call or short message command.Alternately,You will be able to query device location and status over LBS,Internet Website or GPRS enabled cell phones at all times.

◎ You can setup and configure monitoring activities and alerts,using Tracking Web services via Internet Explorer or mobile on GPRS enabled cell phones.

◎ Tracking schedules,live tracking and parameters including trip information such as total traveled distance in km,and can be configured according to your need.

◎ The engine immobilizer allows you to disable the vehicle ignition according to specified trigger times through GPRS or SMS command.

◎ You can configure and activate 4 power saving modes for a variety of applications