• Low cost Vehicle Security Device

Low cost Vehicle Security Device

Model : VT-07-EZT


The VT-07- EZT is a GPS vehicle tracking device,ideal for fleet management and commercial data centers.

  • Easy and quick to install,saving costly installation time and fees.
  • Data exchange between device and data center is maintained over GPRS and Internet connection.All commands and configuration details can be sent through GPRS or SMS.
  • Configure up to 5 authorized contact numbers to inquire vehicle location through 2-RING phone call or SMS.You can also query device location,travelled distance,trip distance and other status via Internet at all times.

Setup tracking schedules,live tracking and parameters including trip information such as total travelled distance in km can be configured according to your need.

  • Define and load up to 4 restricted areas (Geo-Fence areas) to the device and setup maximum speed alert,idle time alert,power alerts a.o.
  • The engine immobilizer allows you to disable the vehicle ignition according to specified trigger times through GPRS or SMS command.
  • You can configure and activate several power saving modes according to ignition off time,no movement or no communication time.
  • The EZT comes with a GSM jammer alert that can be configured to send alert SMS and disable engine.


VT-07 EZT Operation Manual