• GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Model : VT-05


The VT-05 Vehicle Tracker is a professional GPS tracking device designed for fleet management and commercial data centers, with customizable data upload over GPRS or SMS, and access of such data trough Internet and mobile phone browers.


VT-05 Operation Manual


Parts & Accessories

  • VT-05 main unit
  • Spare Battery to support at least 8 hour without vehicle battery support
  • 14-PIN Wire Harness with Inputs/Outputs for +12V,Emergency Button, ignition and Engine Immobilizer.
  • Engine immobilizer relay
  • The compact size,with built in GSM and GPS antennas,allows for easy and quick installation, saving costly installation time and fees.
  • Data exchange between device and server is maintained over constant GPRS and Internet connection. All commands and configuration details can be sent either through GPRS or SMS.An SMS only mode is also available.
  • Up to 5 authorized contact unmbers can be configured to inquire vehicle location through 2-RING phone call or short message command.Alternately,you will be able to query device location and status over Internet Website or GPRS enabled cell phones at all times.
  • You can setup and configure monitoring activities and alerts,using Control Base software or Tracking Web services via Internet Explorer or mobile on GPRS enabled cell phones.
  • Tracking schedules,live tracking and parameters including trip information such as total travelled distance or trip distance in km can be configured according to your needs.
  • You can define and load up to 4 restricted areas(Geo-Fence areas)to the device and setup maximum speed alert.
  • The engine immobilizer allows you to disable the vehicle ignition according to specified trigger times through GPRS or SMS command.
  • The device comes with one SOS Push Button designed for emergency alarms to be sent to server and contact unmbers.It should be placed at a hidden place within reach of the driver on the dashboard.
  • You can configure and activate three power saving modes according to ignition off time, no movement or no communication time.