• Super Guard V5 series SuperGuard Devices

Super Guard V5 series SuperGuard Devices

Supporting all SuperGuard devices

VT05 Basic model
VT05B Advanced model
VT05B1 Most sales device. 300,000units running on the earth.
PT03 Personal Tracker
UT05 Most powerful device.
UT05‐Longlife One year battery life, water proof device
VT06 Full function Vehicle Management Device
VT07‐EZT Low cost Vehicle Security Device


  • 100% hardware/software compatible.
  • GPRS in/out command, No smsneeded.
  • Support Cell location. Get location even under ground or in‐door
  • Support Roaming Alarm.
  • Unlimited GEO Fence.
  • Cutting edge technologies with patented features.
  • Wide range product line, TSSR v3.6, v4.0 and 5.0 for all different applications.


Super Gurad V5 series introduction

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